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Once upon a time there was a young happy girl who loved to travel. There are many people who love travels, but this girl she was different: she wanted to be in all her free time away. No matter where she was going, she ended up in beautiful places, vibrant cities and surrounded by people that shared love. One day looking and editing some of her pictures she decided she wants them printed in a square postcard format. This way her best memories can be kept all together: in a beautiful box on her desk, on the walls, on the fridge or she could send them to her dear ones back home. This is how square cards were born.


our mission is to frame and print all your dear moments on the best quality materials on the market. You select your moments, we take care of the rest. Collect your printed square cards in the special edition designed boxes we prepared for you. This way you can always keep them close to your heart no matter where your home is. Family and friends, occasions, beautiful travel destinations, loved pet companions all these in one place. Of course, we made the square cards to be sent to.

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ioana, a simple name and a restless mind. Passionate by travel, in love with life and always keeping close to her heart her family, friends and hometown, ioana created a unique way to collect and share the most precious moments of our lives. Her desire to spread love and beauty in the world can be found in all her work. Her creative passion and an eye for details transformed a dream into square cards. We are lucky and happy to have ioana as the square cards founder.